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Once you have chosen the car you want you will want to start thinking about your most suitable form of motor funding. That’s where our finance department can help. Blackwater Motors provide a variety of consumer and business motor finance plans to suit all requirements.


Why finance with Volkswagen Bank?
We know the relationship you have with your bank is one of the most important professional relationships you’ll ever have. So, we are dedicated to providing you with excellent levels of service and incomparable attention and support. Our only objective is to provide affordable finance products such as PCP (Personal Contract Plans) and HP (Hire Purchase).


PCP Explained

PCP is a Personal Contract Plan. This is available for both new and used cars. It is a flexible 2-3 year car finance package that combines lower monthly payments with real flexibility. With PCP you can have a flexible finance plan that suits your circumstances. Thanks to a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value, you don’t need to worry about the re-sale value of your car in 3 years’ time.

At the end of your agreement you have the following three options:

  • Upgrade your car to a newer model  using the equity in your car as a deposit for the next one
  • Return your car to us with no further payments
  • Make a one-off payment or re-finance the final instalment and take ownership of the car

Benefits of PCP:

  • No more residual value worries
  • A new Volkswagen every 2 - 3 years
  • Lower payments and shorter terms
  • Avoid NCT costs (New Car PCP only)
  • Upgrade to a higher specification model for less

HP Explained

Hire Purchase is a really simple, affordable and straightforward route to ownership, whether you are buying a new or used car. You can relax knowing you are in control as you budget your way to buying your new car. With Hire Purchase you can finance your car over a period of time that you choose between 1 to 5 years. With Hire Purchase, Volkswagen Bank Ireland will purchase the car on your behalf. After placing a deposit, equal monthly payments over the period of the agreement will be agreed. Once all of the payments have been made, you become the owner of the vehicle.

Benefits of HP:

  • Fixed interest rate for the duration of your agreement
  • Fixed repayments for ease of cash flow and budgeting
  • Flexible terms - any monthly interval between one and five years
  • Available for new and used cars

Contact us for PCP pricing

Please use our Finance Calculator to review your options, then apply for finance online using our Finance Application Form. 

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